Spider’s Kiss Drink Recipe

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Oct 23, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

Spiders Kiss Drink RecipeHalloween is one of the biggest drinking holidays, trailing only behind St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas as major excuses to party. One of the coolest Halloween drinks that I’ve found is the Spider’s Kiss. For starters, there is a spiderweb made of chocolate at the bottom. Inside of the glass, there is a reddish-orange libation, with some fruity flavors and rum to spice things up. It’s garnished with a chocolate dipped orange, how cool is that?

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Ghostbuster Drink Recipe

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Oct 19, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

Ghostbuster Drink RecipeThe 1984 film Ghostbusters is still one of the top grossing movies ever made. Think paranormal researchers turned ghost exterminators in New York City and you’ve got the idea. The movie inspired a few different cocktails called a Ghostbuster. This one seems to be the most definitive recipe. This version of the Ghostbuster because of its green color, and Irish cream reminds me of an ectoplasmic trail.

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La Llorona Drink Recipe

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Oct 18, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

La LloronaDia de los Muertos is almost upon us. The Day of the Dead is when the Hispanic culture celebrates those who have passed beyond the veil of life into the void of death. Every culture has its ghost stories, and one of the most ingrained is the legend of La Llorona. When one of our Sacramento peeps, Erica Vela said we should create a drink to celebrate the legend of the Weeping Woman, we couldn’t say no to that. After we show you how to make the drink, I’ll tell you a ghost story that has survived for over 500 years and counting.

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Charro Negro Recipe

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Sep 23, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

Charro NegroThe Charro Negro is a drink associated with Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. This drink combines blanco tequila, cola, lemon, and salt, and it is as dark as the mythos that inspired it. The crisp and distinct flavors each shine individually in this simple, but effective cocktail. After the recipe, we’ll explore the legend of the Charro Negro, both in historical culture and popular culture.

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Ghostbuster Bomb Drink Recipe

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Sep 16, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

Ghostbuster Bomb Drink RecipeHalloween has become a huge holiday. You know how I can tell? The merchandise in the stores appears two months before the holiday occurs. Every good holiday has drinks associated with it, and every good drink has at least two variations. The Ghostbuster Bomb is a far cry from the other version of this drink, but it’s just as good in many ways. Slightly stronger than it’s counterpart with the same name, this drink is a bomb shot with four kinds of liquor, mellowed out by cola.

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How To Make a Zombie Cocktail

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Aug 12, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

How To Make A ZombieThe Zombie is one of the iconic Tiki drinks from the late 1930s. Created by Los Angeles restaurant owner Donn “Don the Beachcomber” Beach to get a hungover customer through an important business meeting, it reportedly turned the customer “into a zombie” for the duration of the trip. The Zombie cemented its popularity during the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, and hasn’t looked back since.

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How to Make Skittles Vodka

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø on Jun 17, 2013 in Mixed Drink Recipes

Skittles VodkaMaking Skittles vodka takes a bit of time, but is worth the effort when it’s done. There are a few steps to the process: gathering the materials, sorting the candy and letting it dissolve, and the laborious part: straining the candy out of the vodka. The good news is that if you’re willing to invest a few hours, you’ll end up with five bottles of Skittles infused vodka to drink as you see fit.

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