Drink Requests

Something I’ve been realizing for a while is that there needs to be a visible way for our YouTube viewers to track what drinks have been requested for a video, and how long they might have to wait to see their drink hit the airwaves. So now you can come to this page and see how many drink requests are in the queue and what ones are still sitting there.

Some things to remember: Drinks with common ingredients are most likely going to be filmed before drink requests with more exotic or uncommon ingredients. I still encourage everyone to submit your suggestions, as it’s fun for me to try new things as well. There’s a form at the bottom of the page for easy recipe submission. I’ll keep this chart updated at least once a week.

Drinks highlighted in green have been filmed, but not edited and published yet.

Drink Name Suggested by Submit Date
1800 Coconut (not juice) kikibud2 Sept 2013
20,000 Leagues Chris Romani May 2013
Absinthe on Fire! Moe Vasquez Aug 2013
Adios Pink Lemonade Lori D July 2014
Afterburner Daniel Blay May 2013
Almond Joy Bliss Alicia Anderson Nov 2013
Bacon cocktail? Dara Ho Sept 2013
Bill Cosby Bill Cosby 2013
Blaxican Tim Oct 2013
Blue Zombie Tasselhauf Burfoot July 2013
Chili Bomb Cory Beto 2012
Christmas Punch Bowl Marthin from Norway Oct 2013
Christmas Shot Shea Wilkerson Jan 2014
Cotton Candy Martini Sean George Oct 31st 2013
Dashing Prince Shae Perritt July 2013
Dirty Martini Shea Wilkerson Jan 2014
Doctor Manhattan MoxxyPrime June 2013
Drunken Chocolate Cow Krissy April 2015
Espresso Martini #4 Alex McLelland Sept 2013
Fermented Fruit Barrel Moe Vasquez August 2013
Flaming Lamborghini Haven Saved (Lauren) August 2013
Frozen Drinks karisma7281 June 2013
Fruit Loop Shot LiquidRed212 Feb 2014
Grateful Dead wez1987ful July 2013
GoW: Trials of Kratos trumegatron1988 July 2013
Hand Grenade trumegatron1988 March 2013
Hendrick’s on Turbo trumegatron1988 July 2013
Hypnotiq drinks Kevin Molina Sept 2013
Jack & Coke variation supercooldude141 Aug 2013
Jager drinks Lady Nikkie June 2013
JJ Chris Donnarumma April 2015
Jolt & Everclear Rui Silva July 2013
Jungle Juice DjaDog3K 2013
Kentucky Wildfire trumegatron88 2012
Laffy Taffy Alicia Anderson Sept 2013
Licor 43 and Milk JuszTooPerfect 2012
Meister on Mars LiquidRed212 Feb 2014
Motor Oil Chris Moore July 2013
MTG: Azorius Senate trumegatron1988 July 2013
Mango Shot Ashley Gaytan May 2014
Manhattan Jesse Garza 2012
Mike’s Hurricane (review) Bad Drivers From Bicyclists View 2013
Mocktails, Part 2 Ayesha Shakoof Sept 2013
Moonshine Drinks Lady Nikkie/ Kris & Krissy July 2013
Mussolini Camila Falabella Castro & Sharlene Melanie Sept 2013
Nazi Zombie Chris Romani Aug 2013
Ouzo drinks LiveTeddy June 2013
Peppermint Margarita EFanny Izanamit July 2013
Pop Her Cherry John Knowles August 2013
Pornstar Sydney Merrithew Sept 2013
Prairie Chicken Chris Moore July 2013
Redneck Mudslide Krissy & Kyle Sept 2013
Ruby Manhattan Felipe Gonzales 2012
Sangria Luis Iglesias Sept 2013
Sex on the Beach (redo) DjaDog3k July 2013
Sex on the Pool Table Cindy Facemire July 2013
Sidewalk Slammer Cave Man June 2013
“Skittlebrew” cerpintaxt815 August 2013
Skyy Moscato Grape cocktails Meani Richerd Jan 2014
Starburst drinks Jaelin Showers Sept 2013
Starburst infused vodka N. M. Jan 2014
Strawberries & Cream Slushie Lauren Becker April 2013
Swedish Fish Vodka Nicole Andersson Jan 2014
Tequiza/Desperado Official Ta1yn July 2013
Tirasimu Martini Haven Saved July 2013
Tuaca drinks Alisha Hindle early 2013
unnamed Lane Thomas Oct 2013
UV Apple drinks Rosalinda Olvera July 2013
Walk Me Down (Sweet Jesus) Squirts Warren 2013

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