Blue Cottontail Cocktail

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Blue Cottontail cocktailEaster is one of the milestone holidays in the Western world. A lot of people celebrate it for different reasons, not the least of which is tradition. For someone who marks the calendar by the colors in the shop windows, and the food and drink on the table, we offer you the Blue Cottontail cocktail. This orange flavored cocktail is a fine choice to leave out for the Easter Bunny. He/She has a lot of eggs to deliver, you know.

Blue Cottontail

Blue Cottontail cocktail

  • 1½ oz vodka
  • ½ oz triple sec
  • ¼ oz blue curacao
  • Orange peel

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Pour blue curacao, vodka, and triple sec into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a small cocktail glass. Flame a square piece of the orange rind and then place that into the drink as well for color contrast.

*I will be adding an article soon on how to flame an orange peel, for those who need help with this step.

Blue Cottontail Drink
The Blue Cottontail is a orange flavored Easter cocktail with a bright blue color. The triple sec, curacao, and oils from the orange rind add the flavor, and the vodka adds the kick. The orange garnish adds a nice color contrast. This drink is also known as a Blue Monday.

The Legend of Peter Cottontail

Blue CottontailThorton Burgess was an American writer whose Old Mother West Wind stories featured a cast of animals, including one Peter Rabbit (not the Beatrix Potter version). In one specific book, Peter Rabbit changes his name to Peter Cottontail to sound more sophisticated, but by the end of the tale, changes it back. The name changed was never referenced again in the Burgess books. In 1950, Gene Autry recorded a song called “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” that went to #3 on the Hot 100 Singles chart. Jimmy Wakely and Johnnie Lee Wills also recorded versions of the song that year, each one charting at #3 on the Country Singles chart.

The 1971 Rankin-Bass television special Here Comes Peter Cottontail was based on a 1957 book called The Easter Bunny That Overslept. The 1971 movie is a stop-motion animation classic, filmed in the same style as the Rankin-Bass Christmas movies. Casey Kasem was the voice of Peter Cottontail, and the iconic Vincent Price was the voice of the villian, January Q. Irontail.

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