Alley Katz Happy Hour

Alley Katz logoAlley Katz.
2019 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 442-2682

Alley Katz Happy Hour is every day from 4pm–7pm where you get $1 off of everything!

On Whiskey Wednesdays, get $2 off of premium whiskeys and $1 off of well whiskey. Jäger shots are also $5. Until the grub runs out, you can also get a plate of ribs, baked potato, and broccoli for the sum of $7.

Thursdays it is Dames Who Drink Night, where women get happy hour all night long.

Sundays and Mondays there are various food and drink specials during the football games.

Tuesdays starting at 7pm, it’s Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Night. Play in teams of up to six people and try to score the most points in eight rounds.

Tons of daily specials are posted on the fly on their Twitter account (@SacAlleyKatz) so be sure to follow them.

With over 300 beers in stock, you’re sure to find something you’ve never had before.

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