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Easter Egg Cocktail Recipe

Easter Egg CocktailI might have never known how great this version of the Easter Egg Cocktail is if my friend Michelle hadn’t said, “Let’s go to the Townhouse Lounge”. An underappreciated, dark, loud, hipster bar in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, ToHo is also where Bartender Brian works. Michelle and I got far beyond wasted that afternoon, but one of the drinks that Brian made for us that day stuck out in my mind as one of the best drinks I’ve ever tasted. Although his version wasn’t this version, or even the popular version of this drink, I remember wondering what he was making with cream of coconut and blue curacao. Later, I would find out that this delectable drink was a variation of the Easter Egg Cocktail. I knew I had to find the recipe that was somewhat close to that shot, but it took time to find this particular recipe.

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Horse’s Neck Recipe

Horses Neck recipeNow we’re getting onto the classics. This is a drink that every bartender great and small should know, the Horses Neck. Dating back to at least the 1800s, it started life as one of the original mocktails. By the turn of the last century, it had firmly established itself as a cocktail for the ages. Though there are a variety of whiskeys that you can grace this cocktail with, we made our Horse’s Neck with Jameson Irish whiskey. My verdict is that the Horse’s Neck is not only perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but for any day of the year.

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Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe

Apple Pie CocktailResidents of Sacramento know that every autumn, it’s that time again to drive up the road to Apple Hill and visit all the merchants and sample their goods. I always buy a Dutch Apple Pie, grab the best apple fritters known to man over at High Hill, and pick up some handcrafted items from a booth or two. It dawned on me this year that the only thing missing was a mixed drink that tastes just like homemade apple pie. After hours of scouring the Web and experimenting with different formulas, I settled on an Apple Pie Cocktail recipe that lives up to the hype.

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