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Pomegranate Poinsettia Drink Recipe

Poinsettia drink recipeThe poinsettia has become a traditional Christmas decoration. This distinctive red flower graces many a home during the holidays. It has also inspired a champagne cocktail called the Pomegranate Poinsettia. Highlighting the flavors of pomegranate, orange, and champagne, the Poinsettia drink recipe truly deserves to be a Christmas mainstay.

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The Winter Sky Cocktail

Winter Sky CocktailPresentation counts for a lot with cocktails. The first time I made the Winter Sky cocktail, I was struck by the vivid blue hue, and how appropriate the name was. The cool blue provided by the curacao provides a sharp contrast to the red of the cherry floating in the bottom of the glass. This drink fits a winter theme,and is easy to make.

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Mistletoe Recipe

Mistletoe Drink RecipeChristmas is the king of Western holidays. Not only does Christmas get all the attention, and mark the culmination of another year, but it also has the widest variety of specialty cocktails. Today, I’m going to investigate another Christmas champagne cocktail, the Mistletoe. The slightly reddish hue automatically makes you think, “Ah, this drink fits in with the red and green of Christmas”. But our Mistletoe recipe also has a flavor palate that fits in with the holiday season.

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