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Easter Egg Cocktail Recipe

Easter Egg CocktailI might have never known how great this version of the Easter Egg Cocktail is if my friend Michelle hadn’t said, “Let’s go to the Townhouse Lounge”. An underappreciated, dark, loud, hipster bar in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, ToHo is also where Bartender Brian works. Michelle and I got far beyond wasted that afternoon, but one of the drinks that Brian made for us that day stuck out in my mind as one of the best drinks I’ve ever tasted. Although his version wasn’t this version, or even the popular version of this drink, I remember wondering what he was making with cream of coconut and blue curacao. Later, I would find out that this delectable drink was a variation of the Easter Egg Cocktail. I knew I had to find the recipe that was somewhat close to that shot, but it took time to find this particular recipe.

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Easter Bunny Drink Recipe

Easter Bunny DrinkWhen we think about the modern Easter holiday, most of us envision Easter egg hunts and pastel colors. Some of us picture a huge scary anthropomorphic rabbit like something out of Donnie Darko, but that’s another story. The Easter Bunny drink is for people who enjoy munching down on a chocolate bunny, only this time, it’s coming in a cocktail glass.

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Spider’s Kiss Drink Recipe

Spiders Kiss Drink RecipeHalloween is one of the biggest drinking holidays, trailing only behind St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas as major excuses to party. One of the coolest Halloween drinks that I’ve found is the Spider’s Kiss. For starters, there is a spiderweb made of chocolate at the bottom. Inside of the glass, there is a reddish-orange libation, with some fruity flavors and rum to spice things up. It’s garnished with a chocolate dipped orange, how cool is that?

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