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The Flaming Bob Marley Shot

Flaming Bob Marley ShotMay 11th marks the anniversary of the death of music legend Bob Marley.We figured we’d make the Bob Marley Shot in his honor. No doubt Bob Marley had that intangible factor that few artists ever have. Like other music luminaries Jimi Hendrix and Tupac Shakur, who also died young, Marley’s words and music seemed to cross boundaries and reach people right where they were at. In honor of the undisputed king of reggae music, today we’re making Flaming Bob Marley Shots. April 20th is right around the corner, so perhaps you should be downing this Bob Marley drink at 4:20pm. A huge spliff in the other hand is optional.

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Taste of Winter Cocktail

Taste of WinterWhile looking for new holiday drinks for this year’s videos, I happened upon a recipe entitled A Taste of Winter. This sublime cocktail combines a few upscale ingredients to create something amazing. This drink’s flavor palate fits the winter theme to perfection, with tones of citrus, cherry, and orange. So crank up the tunes, grab yourself a glass, because the winter is about to warm up in a hurry.

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Harvey Wallbanger Recipe

Harvey Wallbanger RecipeEveryone loves a cocktail with a great origin story. The Harvey Wallbanger has two different legends, but one is decidedly better than the other. Basically a Screwdriver with some Galliano, the Harvey Wallbanger recipe has been around since the 1950s, but was wildly popular during the 1970s.

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