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B52 Shot Recipe

B 52 shotThe B-52 is a layered shot, relying on specific gravity to keep the layers separated. Usually, the B-52 shot is made with Kahlúa, Irish cream, and Grand Marnier. Don’t listen to Wikipedia; I have never seen a B-52 with Cointreau. although I’m sure someone makes them that way. Read onward, and you should know how to make a B52, as well as all of the variant B52 shots. We’ll also touch on the origin story of this popular shot.

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Irish Flag Shots Recipe

Irish Flag DrinkSt. Patrick’s Day is both a day to get debauched to the best of your ability and a day of great Irish national pride. Never mind that people who aren’t even remotely close to being Irish still find a reason to drink like it’s their last ever chance to party. But what to order at the bar, or put together at home if you don’t feel like Guinness? Here’s the perfect solution, in the form of Irish Flag Shots. This tri-color shooter will have you feeling as Irish as they come within a few rounds.

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