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Irish Car Bomb Recipe

Irish Car Bomb IngredientsThe vast majority of the FNDC have a lot of Irish blood in them. It’s likely that many of our ancestors came across the Atlantic during the 1800s, but the result is that we all have Jameson in our liquor cabinets today. In recognition of our (mostly) common Irish roots, the Friday Night Drunk Club is going to hook you up with our own Irish Car Bomb recipe, and we can even talk about how the Irish Car Bomb was originally created.

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The Irish Harp Beer Cocktail

Irish Harp RecipeWe haven’t done a beer cocktail yet; I’d say it’s nigh about time to feature one as our first. In our website logs, I saw that someone had been searching for something called an Irish Harp. After a little research, I found out exactly what this pub drink is. It fits in perfectly with St. Patrick’s week, so read onward, as we break down the recipe and discuss the history of the Irish harp.

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