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Irish Car Bomb Recipe

Irish Car Bomb IngredientsThe vast majority of the FNDC have a lot of Irish blood in them. It’s likely that many of our ancestors came across the Atlantic during the 1800s, but the result is that we all have Jameson in our liquor cabinets today. In recognition of our (mostly) common Irish roots, the Friday Night Drunk Club is going to hook you up with our own Irish Car Bomb recipe, and we can even talk about how the Irish Car Bomb was originally created.

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Horse’s Neck Recipe

Horses Neck recipeNow we’re getting onto the classics. This is a drink that every bartender great and small should know, the Horses Neck. Dating back to at least the 1800s, it started life as one of the original mocktails. By the turn of the last century, it had firmly established itself as a cocktail for the ages. Though there are a variety of whiskeys that you can grace this cocktail with, we made our Horse’s Neck with Jameson Irish whiskey. My verdict is that the Horse’s Neck is not only perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but for any day of the year.

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Spicy Irish Drink Recipe

Spicy Irish Christmas DrinkWhat do you drink during an Irish Christmas? If you’re anything like me, you might opt for the Spicy Irish, an Irish whiskey drink tempered with ginger ale and gingerbread liqueur. The result is a drink with equal parts spice and kick; in fact this was one of our early favorites when we started the website.

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