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How To Make a Cranberry Martini

Cranberry MartiniI’m a little shocked that we made it through our first year before even thinking about the Cranberry Martini. But now, the holiday season is here again, and what better time than now to fill that knowledge gap? It’s an obvious bonus for me, because I love cranberries. So let’s make a plan for the Cran, and dive into how to make the Cranberry Martini.

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Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe

Apple Pie CocktailResidents of Sacramento know that every autumn, it’s that time again to drive up the road to Apple Hill and visit all the merchants and sample their goods. I always buy a Dutch Apple Pie, grab the best apple fritters known to man over at High Hill, and pick up some handcrafted items from a booth or two. It dawned on me this year that the only thing missing was a mixed drink that tastes just like homemade apple pie. After hours of scouring the Web and experimenting with different formulas, I settled on an Apple Pie Cocktail recipe that lives up to the hype.

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