Rocky’s 7440 Club Happy Hour

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Rocky’s 7440 Club Happy HourRocky’s 7440 Club.
7440 Auburn Boulevard
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
(916) 726-4389 ‎

The 40. It’s a Sacramento area icon. They’ve got karaoke every night, an outside bar and dance floor. An outside VIP style lounge. Contests, billiards, volleyball, big screen TV, and freaking characters. Hell yeah! You name it, they’ve got it. Now here you go, a list of Rocky’s 7440 Club happy hours for every damn day of the week from Monday through Sunday. No more excuses. Time to drink and have fun.

Monday–Friday from 7am–7pm Wells and Domestic Beers are $2.75.

Mondays, starting at 8pm, Wells are $1 and the price increases 50¢ every hour ($1.50 9pm, $2 10pm, etc.) and 12am–close Wells are $3. During Monday Night Football, Domestic Pitchers are $6 and hot dogs are free.

Tuesdays you can flip for your drink– you lose, normal price; you win, 25¢–this deal runs from 9pm to 1am. Coors Pints are also $2 and Coors Pitchers are $6.

Wednesdays: No cover and You-call-its are $3 from 9pm onwards.

Thursdays No cover, Vodka Red Bulls are $5, Smirnoff or Kraken rum drinks are $3 from 8pm–midnight. 50¢ Draft and $4 Pitcher Specials from 8pm–11pm.

Friday 8pm–9pm: 50¢ Draft and $4 Pitchers. $5 Vodka Red Bulls and $3 Smirnoff drinks from 8pm–11pm.

Saturdays are Ladies Night: From 8pm–11pm ladies get $1 champagne, $2 Stiff Dicks, and $3 Smirnoff Cosmopolitans.

On Sundays 9am–1pm Unlimited Champagne or Mimosas for $15. From 8pm–10pm Svedka drinks are $3, Jack Daniels and Coke are $4, and Jägerbombs are $5.

Dress Code

Basically, don’t dress like you’re thuggin’. On the no can do list are Athletic Apparel or sports jerseys, jeans that sag, baggy clothes, bandannas, flyin’ colors, tank tops, regular plain white T-shirts. oversized baggy T-shirts, and of course no gang tattoos or clothes. Attitudes will be checked at the door. This is a place to chill, not start static.

Cover Charge

The 7440 Club has a cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm onward. I think this is still $10.

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