Hot Apple Pie Shot with Everclear

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Hot Apple Pie ShotThe days are getting colder, perhaps it’s time to grab something that will warm your bones. If that’s what you’ve been thinking, then let me introduce you to the Hot Apple Pie Shot. This drink will remind you of the homemade pie your grandmother used to make, while delivering a powerful kick of Everclear. This drink is different from many others; the preparation goes on in the kitchen instead of behind the bar.

Hot Apple Pie

Hot Apple Pie Shot Recipe

  • ½ gallon apple juice
  • ½ gallon apple cider
  • 750 ml Everclear
  • One package cinnamon sticks

Begin by pouring the apple cider and apple juice into a large pot. Bring this to a slow boil, along with the cinnamon sticks. Turn the heat down, and let this mixture evaporate for at least an hour. About half of the liquid should dissipate. Let the apple cider mixture cool for a while, and when the liquid is cool enough to drink, add Everclear to taste. You can go fairly heavy on the alcohol, because the spiced apple will cover it up. You can vary the amount of Everclear you add, but wait until the end to see how much apple mixture you have left.

A half-gallon of apple juice is the same as 64 fluid ounces, and you can pick up a package of cinnamon sticks for less than a dollar in the Hispanic section of your grocery store.

Hot Apple Pie Shot Ingredients
The Hot Apple Pie Shot takes a bit longer to prepare than your typical cocktail: to boil down the apple mixture, if you count the cool down time. I can attest that every moment is worth it in the end. The Hot Apple Pie Shot tastes just like a homemade apple pie fresh from the oven. You can barely taste the Everclear over the condensed mulled apple cider, but believe me, it’s in there. The alcohol will sneak up on you and before you know it, you’re wasted.

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3.5/5 - (77 votes)
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  1. R says:

    This is a great basic recipe. However, it only comes out to about 40 proof, or 20% alcohol. I wanted to crank up the ABV and lower the sugar, and instead used this:

    32 oz apple juice
    32 oz apple cider
    8 cinnamon sticks
    2 cups brown sugar
    2 bottles (est 50 oz./ 1500ml) 190 proof grain alcohol

    Result: Est 45% ABV/ 90 Proof Alcohol

    Boil juice, cider, cinnamon sticks for about 20 mins, stire in sugar. Let cool completely (first on counter, then covered in fridge), then add everclear.

    Made three (3) 32oz bottles- two to friends, one to age in cupboard.
    We used Ikea “EZ-Cap” 32oz bottles (4$/ea), and for decoration, we added wire ribbon “lipstick” – the pattern of classic picnic red/white cloth, and a product description tag attached with thin twine. They came out VERY nice.

    Due to the bottles being so large, I might put them in 1/2 pint (8oz) mason jars instead next time, and have many smaller gifts instead of a few large ones. We’ll cover the tops (before putting on the ring) with the same picnic-color fabric.

  2. Carol Carmel says:

    I’ve been making this midwest favorite for years at Christmas time. My friends in Southern California absolutely love this drink at holiday time. I first had this when living in the Midwest, and it’s been a favorite for years! The only thing not listed is the brown sugar…which I always boil with the apple cider and apple juice. Also, the Everclear in California has less alcohol in it than the Midwest bottles. But, it’s still a very popular drink, and I’m doubling my production this Christmas due to so many requests from friends.

    • Hi Carol:

      Thanks for sharing your story. You’re right, the California Everclear is not as strong as the Everclear found in other parts of the country. I love your idea of adding brown sugar! I will have to try that one next time. Have great Christmas!

  3. Roel Rodriguez says:

    Can I substitute vodka for the everclear? I don’t want it to be so strong.

  4. Robin Baxter says:

    Thank you Johnny Diablo… I’ve been looking for this receipt for a long time. FYI folks, you don’t need the brown sugar. This receipt stands alone. Follow the directions exactly as written. I will only add, you will need at least three taste testings of how much Everclear you need to add. By the third tasting you will be looped. We had a blast making and tasting and tasting and tasting the first time. I hope you have a much fun as we did. Here’s a toast to a very Enjoyable Winter.

  5. Cindy says:

    Can you use Apple Cider Juice or use Apple Cider from like a Apple Orchard?
    I have made Apple pie shots one other time. I lost the recipe that I used before. I know it had Apple juice, cinnamon sticks and ever clear.
    Please let me know. Thank you! Cindy

  6. Sylvia says:

    How can i store leftover so it doesnt go bad

  7. Cathy WI says:

    I don’t find the need for fresh cinnamon, I use cinnamon spice and add Fireball, then Everclear. Saves a whole lot of time. Just as delicious .

  8. Jim says:

    I usually follow this recipe, I personally use brown sugar. You can also use maple syrup. From there, another great thing to add as someone else’s suggested is Fireball if you want more of a hot cinnamon flavor (think red hot candies), a cup or two of butter shots, or my friends really enjoy when I add a cup of Ole Smokie’s salty caramel bourbon.

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