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Sake Bomb

Sake BombFolks here in Sacramento know the very best place to grab a Sake Bomb is at Crazy Sushi on a Thursday night. Something about a shot of warm sake bombed into a cold Sapporo beer is appealing during the hot summer nights. Something tells me its how tore back someone can feel after feeling too many of the rice wine and barley pops.

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The Irish Harp Beer Cocktail

Irish Harp RecipeWe haven’t done a beer cocktail yet; I’d say it’s nigh about time to feature one as our first. In our website logs, I saw that someone had been searching for something called an Irish Harp. After a little research, I found out exactly what this pub drink is. It fits in perfectly with St. Patrick’s week, so read onward, as we break down the recipe and discuss the history of the Irish harp.

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Belgian Beer Classes

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø in Sacramento

Belgian BeersWho’s down for Belgian beer tasting and learning something about what we’re drinking? That’s what I thought. Lucky for us here in Sactown, Total Wine and More puts on beer classes twice each month. Don’t worry, I posted the remaining 2012 schedule at the bottom of this article. So…I attended the January beer appreciation course, dedicated to the best Belgian beers that our hosts could dig up. I’ll admit I was jazzed at the prospect of tasting a dozen beers, but I really had no idea what to expect. Would this particular beer class live up to the hype?

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