Sake Bomb

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Sake BombFolks here in Sacramento know the very best place to grab a Sake Bomb is at Crazy Sushi on a Thursday night. Something about a shot of warm sake bombed into a cold Sapporo beer is appealing during the hot summer nights. Something tells me its how tore back someone can feel after feeling too many of the rice wine and barley pops.

Sake Bomb

Sake Bomb

  • 2 oz sake
  • 8 oz Sapporo beer

Prep Time:
Total Time:

Fill a shot glass with hot sake. Pour a half mug of cold Sapporo beer. Place two chopsticks parallel to each other on top of the beer mug, and place the shot glass of sake on top. When ready to consume, pull the chopsticks apart, and watch the sake bomb itself into the Japanese beer. Chug it as fast as you can. Repeat the process until inebriation ensues.

The Sake Bomb is a twist on the classic Boilermaker. Instead of dropping whiskey into a draft beer, the Sake Bomb utilizes hot sake and Japanese beer. Lucky for everyone, Sake Bombs are just as effective as the old-school Boilermaker which inspired them.

A Brief History of Sake

Ironically, the Sake Bomb was invented by Americans that occupied Japan after World War II, and is also called a Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Sake is rice wine that has been made since 712 A.D, but the brewing process is closer to rice beer. In Asian countries, the label determines how dry or sweet the sake is, (+10) being very dry and (-10) being very sweet. Sake is also used as part of a purification ceremony called Shinto. There are even special designation sake types with different kinds of rice and different rice polishing ratios. In Japanese society Sake brewers called “Tōji” are highly respected and regarded like artists of their craft.

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