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How to Make the Carrot Cake Shot

Carrot Cake ShooterIt’s Spring time again. Somewhere between the rain of March and the heat of summer. More specifically, we’re between the debauchery of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish whiskey and not quite to the time where fruity drinks with umbrellas are common. Dude, Easter is right around the corner, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to discuss the Carrot Cake Shot. Most home bartenders might have all the needed ingredients lying around already. Hang around after we run through our Carrot Cake Shooter recipe and we’ll tell you how people first came up with the hare-brained idea of carrot cake in the first place.

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Seven Layer Christmas Cookie Recipe

7 Layer Cookie RecipeAre you ready for this? Today, I’m bringing you the most decadent creation that has ever graced our bar, the Seven Layer Christmas Cookie. As the name implies, seven ingredients go into this cocktail, and the result is a downright amazing creation. If you think you’re ready to handle this recipe, keep reading.

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