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Incredible Hulk Drink Recipe

Incredible Hulk cocktail What’s mean and green and packs a powerful punch? You might be inclined to say The Hulk, the superhuman character from Marvel Comics. The answer that we’re looking for is the Incredible Hulk, a cocktail as strong as its namesake. Allegedly, this drink also goes by the name of the Green Eyed Monster, although I’ve yet to see anyone call it that myself.

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Hpnotiq Martini Recipe (aka Hypnotini or Hypnotic Martini)

Hpnotiq Martini RecipeA friend of ours recently bought us a bottle of Hpnotiq as a gift; what drinks could we mix with our new liqueur? I decided to try the 34 proof alcohol in a popular and easy drink, the Hpnotiq Martini. Turns out there is something to be said for this being a hypnotic drink; we were all mesmerized after drinking one of these. So sit back, crack a bottle, and let the Friday Night Drinking Club show you how to mix this tropical Hpnotiq cocktail.

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