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Cherry Cobbler Drink Recipe

Cherry Cobbler Drink RecipeThinking back to when I was a lot younger, I used enjoy a lot of different desserts. Peach cobbler and cherry pie were two of my favorites. Imagine my delight when I discovered there was actually a cocktail called the Cherry Cobbler. This particular Cherry Cobbler recipe consists of gin, Cherry Heering, crème de cassis, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

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How To Make a Long Island Iced Tea

How To Make a Long Island Iced TeaIn the pantheon of mixed drinks, few libations stand taller than the Long Island Iced Tea. Considered the fuel for untold nights of debauchery, the Long Island Iced Tea is a mass smattering of almost every type of alcohol known to man. The whole drink is composed of various liquors, save for a small amount of mixer. The Long Island Iced Tea recipe could also be called a blueprint for other drink recipes that call for a variety of alcohols, such as the Irish Trash Can, or Long Island variants such as the Alaskan Iced Tea. Get ready to delve not only into how to make a Long Island Iced Tea, but also the intriguing history of this iconic drink.

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Lemon Drop Recipe

Lemon drop shot and lemon slice
When I look at the list of classic cocktails, I notice that most of them are pretty simple. One drink that I enjoy mixing as much I enjoy drinking is the Lemon Drop shot . It’s clean, it tastes good, and you can make it a Lemon Drop Martini just by increasing the volume of the recipe a little. I would put the Lemon Drop in the pantheon of great Girl’s Night Out cocktails, like the Cosmopolitan or the Appletini. Unlike those other drinks, guys can drink a Lemon Drop cocktail without too much stigma attached. After all, who doesn’t like vodka lemonade?

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