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Blue Cottontail Cocktail

Blue Cottontail cocktailEaster is one of the milestone holidays in the Western world. A lot of people celebrate it for different reasons, not the least of which is tradition. For someone who marks the calendar by the colors in the shop windows, and the food and drink on the table, we offer you the Blue Cottontail cocktail. This orange flavored cocktail is a fine choice to leave out for the Easter Bunny. He/She has a lot of eggs to deliver, you know.

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How to Make Skittles Vodka

Skittles VodkaMaking Skittles vodka takes a bit of time, but is worth the effort when it’s done. There are a few steps to the process: gathering the materials, sorting the candy and letting it dissolve, and the laborious part: straining the candy out of the vodka. The good news is that if you’re willing to invest a few hours, you’ll end up with five bottles of Skittles infused vodka to drink as you see fit.

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Skittle Bomb Recipe

Skittle Bomb RecipeFrom Australia to Antelope, everyone loves the Skittle Bomb. Luckily for everyone, it is dead simple to make, and the Friday Night Drunk Club is going to show you how. Now this isn’t that Skittle infused vodka garbage, this is the real deal. Be sure to thank us when your guests rave about the Skittle Bombs you dropped on them at your next party.

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