Skittle Bomb Recipe

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Skittle Bomb RecipeFrom Australia to Antelope, everyone loves the Skittle Bomb. Luckily for everyone, it is dead simple to make, and the Friday Night Drunk Club is going to show you how. Now this isn’t that Skittle infused vodka garbage, this is the real deal. Be sure to thank us when your guests rave about the Skittle Bombs you dropped on them at your next party.

Skittle Bomb

Skittle Bomb with ingredients

  • 8 oz Red Bull
  • 1 shot Cointreau

Pour the Red Bull into a cocktail glass. Drop the shot of Cointreau into the Red Bull and consume quickly. The aftertaste of the Cointreau combined with the Red Bull is very reminiscent of Skittles candy.

My girlfriend likes to add vodka to the Red Bull, kind of like a Vodka Skittle Bomb, but I’m more of a purist myself.

There is also a variation of this recipe where instead of straight Cointreau, you can add ½ oz blue curacao and ½ oz Chambord raspberry liqueur to 1 oz of Cointreau for the bomb shot. We’re calling this variation the Taste The Rainbow so that we can easily differentiate it from the original Skittle Bomb.

Prep time and total mixing time for this are both about one minute. The classic Skittle Bomb recipe tastes just like Skittles, while the Taste The Rainbow version adds a bit more specificity with the orange and raspberry flavors shining through. This is one of our go-to drinks on the weekend; we hope you like it as much as we do!

Fun Skittles Facts

Skittles are not that old compared to other popular candies sold in the US. Skittles were originally produced only in Europe, starting in 1974, and were imported to the United States beginning in 1979. In 1982, manufacturing of Skittles candy began on American soil for the first time.

Today, the Mars Company owns the Skittles brand. I find this ironic, because Mars has owned M & M’s for a few decades now, and Skittles were blatantly copied from their chocolate counterparts. Putting those candy shells on Skittles takes about eight hours to accomplish, as they are tumbled in sugar in a process called “panning”.

Skittles Newlyweds ScreenshotPerhaps the lasting contribution that Skittles has made to our culture is through their Taste the Rainbow advertising campaign. This phrase has become a euphemism for the cunning lingual skills of lesbians everywhere. Through Internet memes, this meaning has been expanded into all sorts of other double entendres as well.

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