Fruity Pebble Drink Recipe

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Fruity Pebble DrinkDid you ever drink the leftover milk from your cereal bowl as a kid? If you answered yes, then you might love the Fruity Pebble. While not the strongest drink you’ll ever sample, the Fruity Pebble will bring back nostalgia of days when you used to drink the leftover milk from your cereal bowl. So let’s travel back to the days when we used to eat sugary cereal for breakfast – in other words, yesterday.

Fruity Pebble

Fruity Pebble Drink Recipe

  • 1 ½ oz vanilla vodka
  • ½ oz blue curacao
  • 3 oz milk
  • Dash grenadine

Pour all ingredients in a short glass with ice. Stir and serve.

Fruity Pebble Drink RecipeMaking the Fruity Pebble is almost as easy as delivering a five knuckle shuffle. With a prep time, and a delivery time, you could be enjoying one right now.
The Fruity Pebble drink is reminiscent of your leftover bowl of milk after eating sugary breakfast cereal. To me, it tastes a lot like vanilla milk.

A Brief History of Fruity Pebbles Cereal

Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles were first introduced on the West Coast in 1969 under the names Flint Chips and Rubble Stones. Fruity Pebbles were actually a rebranding of a previous cereal called Sugar Rice Krinkles. Using licensed characters from the Flintsones, the cereals quickly became popular and were released nationwide in 1971. The original formula for Fruity Pebbles only featured red, orange, and yellow colors, but gradually added more colors starting in 1980.

More recently, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, verbally destroyed wrestling rival John Cena by mocking his merchandise, claiming he looked like “a bowl of Fruity Pebbles”. This taunt resonated so much with fans that in a twist of irony, Post cereal offered Cena a sponsorship.

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