Ghostbuster Bomb Drink Recipe

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Ghostbuster Bomb Drink RecipeHalloween has become a huge holiday. You know how I can tell? The merchandise in the stores appears two months before the holiday occurs. Every good holiday has drinks associated with it, and every good drink has at least two variations. The Ghostbuster Bomb is a far cry from the other version of this drink, but it’s just as good in many ways. Slightly stronger than it’s counterpart with the same name, this drink is a bomb shot with four kinds of liquor, mellowed out by cola.

Ghostbuster Bomb

Ghostbuster Bomb cocktail

  • 1 oz Crown Royal
  • 6 oz Coca-Cola
  • ⅔ oz amaretto
  • ⅔ oz Baileys Irish cream
  • ⅔ oz Kahlúa

Prep Time:
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In a large glass, pour the Crown Royal and cola. This is your base mixture. In a shot glass, layer equal parts (from bottom to top) of Kahlúa, Irish cream, and amaretto. Drop the shot into the Coca-Cola/Crown Royal mixture and chug quickly.

Ghostbuster Bomb drop shotThe Ghostbuster Bomb is a drop shot, similar in appearance, but not taste, to an Irish Car Bomb. Because of the Irish cream, you have to drink the mixture quickly, or the shot will curdle in the whiskey tinged cola. This drink recipe is completely different from the Ghostbuster shot that is reminiscent of the character, Slimer.

Critique of the Ghostbuster Bomb

Ghostbuster Bomb mixed drinkThis bomb shot is sweet, but not the fruity type of sweet that the original Ghostbuster is characterized by. The upside of this drink is that you seem to get buzzed faster; I blame the Crown Royal for that. I think the Kahlúa and amaretto add some interesting flavor to this drink. I’m guessing that this drink gets its name from the curdling of the Baileys in the cola. While this isn’t the first drink I’d reach for on Halloween if I had unlimited choices, you could do a whole hell of a lot worse than to make a night of this cocktail.

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