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Taste of Winter Cocktail

Taste of WinterWhile looking for new holiday drinks for this year’s videos, I happened upon a recipe entitled A Taste of Winter. This sublime cocktail combines a few upscale ingredients to create something amazing. This drink’s flavor palate fits the winter theme to perfection, with tones of citrus, cherry, and orange. So crank up the tunes, grab yourself a glass, because the winter is about to warm up in a hurry.

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Peppermint Kiss

Peppermint Kiss ShotChristmas is near, and many people are thinking about making peppermint mixed drinks for their parties. Inspired by other shot recipes, I decided to combine white chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and crème de cacao in a shooter I like to call the Peppermint Kiss. This shot is smooth, reminiscent of Hersheys white chocolate kisses. So bundle up for the winter, and gather your liquor– it’s about to get festive!

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Irish Flag Shots Recipe

Irish Flag DrinkSt. Patrick’s Day is both a day to get debauched to the best of your ability and a day of great Irish national pride. Never mind that people who aren’t even remotely close to being Irish still find a reason to drink like it’s their last ever chance to party. But what to order at the bar, or put together at home if you don’t feel like Guinness? Here’s the perfect solution, in the form of Irish Flag Shots. This tri-color shooter will have you feeling as Irish as they come within a few rounds.

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Sake Bomb

Sake BombFolks here in Sacramento know the very best place to grab a Sake Bomb is at Crazy Sushi on a Thursday night. Something about a shot of warm sake bombed into a cold Sapporo beer is appealing during the hot summer nights. Something tells me its how tore back someone can feel after feeling too many of the rice wine and barley pops.

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Rail Bridge Cellars & the Penthouse Lounge

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø in Sacramento

Rail Bridge Cellars LogoRecently, I had a chance to sit down with the Brand Manager of Rail Bridge Cellars, Michael Chandler. During our discussion, Michael explained to me the history of Rail Bridge, Some key decisions the winery has made recently, and where they are headed to in the next few years.

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Sutter Creek Invasion, Part 1: Wine Tasting

Published by Amy Inferno in Sacramento

Sutter Creek California Wine ToursOne scorching Friday night this June, my best friend and I were sitting on my front porch having our normal discussion of our crappy week. I had managed to get lost going to see the dentist that day, and I was in tears. My dentist had to walk over to the next parking lot and jump in my truck to rescue me from being lost. (What dentist does that? Thank you!) Back to the front porch: I had come up with a brilliant plan out of the clear blue sky, to head to Sutter Creek, in Amador County, the following day. I said it would be an adventure; we could go get lost together since the women in my family are so directionally dysfunctional. Did I mention my best friend is also my cousin? We planned on browsing the shops in this sleepy gold country town, and hitting some of the wine tasting stops.

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Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears

Soaking Gummy Bears in VodkaIt’s all you hear about on TV these days. Kids are bringing Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears to school and getting wasted. Well, why should they have all the fun? Silly rabbit, getting intoxicated is for adults. We sat around and thought, “Hey, we need to find out what the vodka gummy bears craze is all about”. One thing we discovered is no way can kids eat these and not have the smell of vodka all over their breath. Another thing we found is that you can get a good happy buzz from the alcoholic bears, but you’re not going to get fall down drunk. Without further delay, here’s our own tutorial on how to make vodka gummy bears.

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