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The Flaming Bob Marley Shot

Flaming Bob Marley ShotMay 11th marks the anniversary of the death of music legend Bob Marley.We figured we’d make the Bob Marley Shot in his honor. No doubt Bob Marley had that intangible factor that few artists ever have. Like other music luminaries Jimi Hendrix and Tupac Shakur, who also died young, Marley’s words and music seemed to cross boundaries and reach people right where they were at. In honor of the undisputed king of reggae music, today we’re making Flaming Bob Marley Shots. April 20th is right around the corner, so perhaps you should be downing this Bob Marley drink at 4:20pm. A huge spliff in the other hand is optional.

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Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears

Soaking Gummy Bears in VodkaIt’s all you hear about on TV these days. Kids are bringing Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears to school and getting wasted. Well, why should they have all the fun? Silly rabbit, getting intoxicated is for adults. We sat around and thought, “Hey, we need to find out what the vodka gummy bears craze is all about”. One thing we discovered is no way can kids eat these and not have the smell of vodka all over their breath. Another thing we found is that you can get a good happy buzz from the alcoholic bears, but you’re not going to get fall down drunk. Without further delay, here’s our own tutorial on how to make vodka gummy bears.

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Hpnotiq Martini Recipe (aka Hypnotini or Hypnotic Martini)

Hpnotiq Martini RecipeA friend of ours recently bought us a bottle of Hpnotiq as a gift; what drinks could we mix with our new liqueur? I decided to try the 34 proof alcohol in a popular and easy drink, the Hpnotiq Martini. Turns out there is something to be said for this being a hypnotic drink; we were all mesmerized after drinking one of these. So sit back, crack a bottle, and let the Friday Night Drinking Club show you how to mix this tropical Hpnotiq cocktail.

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Quest for the Perfect Cosmopolitan Recipe

The Perfect Cosmopolitan RecipeOne of the most popular cocktails of the last twenty-five years is the Cosmopolitan. This drink gained traction in the 1990s due to endorsements from celebrities like Madonna and the Sex and the City girls. For years, a hotly debated subject has been, “what is the ideal way to prepare a Cosmopolitan?” After extensive research, I believe I have come up with the perfect Cosmopolitan recipe. Read onward, and let’s analyze the ingredients and preparation.

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The Pine Cove Tavern

Published by Jöhnny Dîablø in Sacramento

Pine Cove Tavern
Nestled away on a corner of E Street in Midtown, right off of Highway 80, lies a great little neighborhood bar named the Pine Cove. Allegedly it has been in business for about a hundred years in various locations, but has been at this corner for the last fifty or so. To reach the bar, you first have to find the Pine Cove market, which operates downstairs. There is an inconspicuous side door that opens to reveal an old wood-paneled staircase that leads to your destination. I recall my first time going up these stairs; it felt like I was discovering a well hidden local treasure.

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