Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe

Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe420 comes once a year, or maybe twice a day, depending on how you look at it. Everyone can enjoy the Liquid Marijuana drink, even if they don’t have a cannabis card. So put down the bong for just a few minutes, at least long enough to mix some Liquid Marijuana for some alcoholic refreshment. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Liquid Marijuana

Liquid Marijuana drink recipe

  • ½ oz spiced rum
  • ½ oz coconut rum
  • ½ oz Midori
  • ½ oz blue curacao
  • Splash sweet and sour mix
  • 1–2 oz pineapple juice

Place all ingredients except the pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a short glass with ice. Top with pineapple juice. Drink up and enjoy!

Liquid Marijuana Mixed DrinkThe Liquid Marijuana drink recipe is easy to execute, even while blazed. It shouldn’t take you more than two minutes to throw this green monster together. You don’t have to wait until 420 to enjoy the Liquid Marijuana. I think this cocktail has lots of appeal on different levels. It tastes excellent, with a lot of tropical tones. The rum makes this drink effective as an intoxicant. Lastly, the Liquid Marijuana is a really green drink, adding to its mystique.

Where Did the Term 420 Come From?

Macro shot of Gorgeous BudLike all movements that travel the globe, 420 began very small, with a group of teenagers from San Rafael High. In 1971, a group of about a dozen kids used to hang out by a certain wall at high school, and so they dubbed themselves, “The Waldos”. They would meet every day at 4:20 by the statue of Louis Pasteur, and head out to find an unattended crop they heard was over by Point Reyes. Along the way, they would blaze up. Of course, they never found the hidden crop, but they had a new secret code that they could use around their parents and adults.

As time went on, one of the Waldos older brothers got to know one of the members of the Grateful Dead. Although none of the surviving members of the Dead remember them using the term “420”, it must have been referenced a few times, because soon the terminology spread to the Deadheads. By the early 1990s, 420 had been spread by the magazine High Times, and in 1998, the magazine did an article on the origins of 420, to set all the urban legends straight. Today, 420 is universally known by potheads and the mainstream alike, and 4:20 is accepted as the time to pull out the bong. Several cities have 420 festivals on April 20th every year. Amazing how something that starts so small can sometimes become part of our culture purely by accident.

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  2. Brenda Scott says:

    wow! Great Recipes here! i want to try it with my friends…i hope they will enjoy it a lot..

    Thanks Johnny

  3. […] A green drink for 420 and beyond, the Liquid Marijuana cocktail combines rum, Midori, pineapple juice, blue curacao, and coconut rum. This is a light tasting cocktail, a bit on the tropical side, but put away a few of these and you’ll be feeling good. After watching our Liquid Marijuana recipe, consider subscribing to our channel. We post new kick-ass drink recipes videos several times per week. […]

  4. joell says:

    I been bar tending at yings sushi bar and this drink is the most popular of My clients! Thanks for their recipient)

  5. Mike says:

    They are awesome &person these are some good drinks

  6. BrendaWilliams says:

    Thanks Mike, love them, i can’t drink nothing else! Thanks , love ya Brenda

  7. Darrell Robinson says:

    How to make this by the Gallon??

    • Hi Darrell:

      I know you probably wanted this for New Years Eve. Sorry about the delay.

      Here’s the recipe for (approximately) a gallon:

      2 cups each: spiced rum, coconut rum (Malibu), Midori, blue curacao.
      2 – 4 cups pineapple juice.
      ½ cup sweet and sour mix.

  8. KK says:

    Ever mixed pot with a margarita in the blender, and if so was it good?
    Thanks, KK

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