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Vodka Red Bull Recipe

Vodka and Red Bull being pouredWhen the European energy drink Red Bull first landed on U.S. soil in 1997, it launched a tidal wave of cocktails that used energy drinks for the mixer. The first one I recall gaining popularity was known in these parts as a Vodka Red Bull.

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Lemon Drop Recipe

Lemon drop shot and lemon slice
When I look at the list of classic cocktails, I notice that most of them are pretty simple. One drink that I enjoy mixing as much I enjoy drinking is the Lemon Drop shot . It’s clean, it tastes good, and you can make it a Lemon Drop Martini just by increasing the volume of the recipe a little. I would put the Lemon Drop in the pantheon of great Girl’s Night Out cocktails, like the Cosmopolitan or the Appletini. Unlike those other drinks, guys can drink a Lemon Drop cocktail without too much stigma attached. After all, who doesn’t like vodka lemonade?

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Red Headed Slut Recipe

Red-headed Slut
You should know by now, Red Headed Sluts are some of my favorite things in the whole world. They taste fantastic and they make me all warm and tingly when they’re going down.

Wait—we’re talking about the mixed drink, aren’t we?

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