Vodka Red Bull Recipe

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Vodka and Red Bull being pouredWhen the European energy drink Red Bull first landed on U.S. soil in 1997, it launched a tidal wave of cocktails that used energy drinks for the mixer. The first one I recall gaining popularity was known in these parts as a Vodka Red Bull.

Red Bull based drinks quickly made their way from the dance clubs to regular bars, gaining a huge fan base along the way. The idea of pairing a stimulant with a depressant at the same time sounds great! Taurine and caffeine from the Red Bull keeps drinkers from realizing just how intoxicated they’re getting. The Vodka Red Bull differentiates itself from other drinks such as the Jägerbomb, Skittle Bomb, or Irish Car Bomb, which are drank “depth charge” style. While all of these drinks are usually slammed back by your average bar patron, the Vodka Red Bull should be consumed at a more leisurely pace. I have heard of the occasional bar that serves up a Red Bull Bucket, which is exactly what it sounds like, enough Vodka Red Bull for your whole group to share, all in a small bucket or oversized goblet. Now let’s see just how easy the Vodka Red Bull recipe really is.

Vodka Red Bull

Ice Bucket of vodka and Red Bulls

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 can (8.4 oz) Red Bull

Pour the vodka and Red Bull into a highball glass over ice. Sip and enjoy!

Millions of bar-hoppers can’t be wrong; Red Bull & Vodka is an international staple of drinkers everywhere now. This is not only one of the most popular mixed drinks out there, but one of the easiest you’ll ever make. You may have heard about the danger of mixing Red Bull and vodka, but for now, let’s just forget that noise, grab some red Solo cups, and party it down! Mixing this drink is simple. You’ll go from cracking a bottle to downing your Vodka and Red Bull in about one minute.

For this particular drink, I would stick with Red Bull for your energy drink mixer. For other drinks, such as Jägerbombs, I’m usually content with using Low-Carb Monster in the blue can. Many dive bars around here use original style Rockstar (in the black can) for their energy drink cocktails. I suspect this might be because Red Bull retails for more than its competitors. Red Bull is a less sugary mixer than Rockstar, at least to my palate, and I use it if I can find it on a good sale.

Red Bull Facts and the History of Red Bull

Enjoying a Red Bull and VodkaIn 1984, Dietrich Mateschitz founded the Red Bull company. He had discovered energy drinks in Hong Kong (called “tonic drinks” there), and was sure that they could be a hit in Europe. By 1987, he had introduced Red Bull to the Austrian market. By 1992, Red Bull had launched it’s first commercial, featuring Leonardo da Vinci in the initial “Red Bull gives you wings” campaign. 1992 was also the first year that the Red Bull FlugTag competition was held. This event is the one where people see how far their homemade flying contraptions can travel before they fall into the ocean. Red Bull is actually a very big sponsor of extreme sports and events, dating back to their sponsorship of Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger in 1989. Red Bull also has opened music studios and sponsored music academies at various points of their history.

By 1995, Red Bull was available in Russia as well as select parts of Europe. 1996 was a watershed year, as the now iconic energy drink became available in the United States. 1998 saw the debut of their most controversial commercial yet, Pigeon 1. Today, Red Bull is kicking ass and taking names around the globe, as it is sold in at least 162 countries.

Inspirational: Red Bull- I'm feeling more energized already
Now some so-called experts are now claiming that Vodka Red Bulls are dangerous to get tore back on, because revelers might not realize how drunk they are getting. To this I say, bullshit. Just relax and enjoy yourself and handle your buzz, your heart’s not going to explode or anything. There’s also a rumor that states that the taurine in Red Bull comes from bull semen or urine. This is also just an urban legend. Although the amino acid taurine was first discovered in the bile of bulls (Taurus, get it?), it is found naturally in meat, eggs, and milk, and is synthesized artificially for commercial use in supplements and energy drinks galore. If the FDA approves it, then it’s got to be safe, right?

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