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Seven Layer Christmas Cookie Recipe

7 Layer Cookie RecipeAre you ready for this? Today, I’m bringing you the most decadent creation that has ever graced our bar, the Seven Layer Christmas Cookie. As the name implies, seven ingredients go into this cocktail, and the result is a downright amazing creation. If you think you’re ready to handle this recipe, keep reading.

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White Christmas Recipe

White Christmas recipeYou just can’t have a proper holiday season without eggnog. With that in mind, today we’re featuring a Christmas cocktail called the White Christmas. This is an eggnog drink flavored with SoCo and Godiva white chocolate liqueur, topped with just a hint of nutmeg. If Bing Crosby were still alive, you know he’d be drinking this too.

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Peppermint Kiss

Peppermint Kiss ShotChristmas is near, and many people are thinking about making peppermint mixed drinks for their parties. Inspired by other shot recipes, I decided to combine white chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and crème de cacao in a shooter I like to call the Peppermint Kiss. This shot is smooth, reminiscent of Hersheys white chocolate kisses. So bundle up for the winter, and gather your liquor– it’s about to get festive!

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