Christmas in a Cup Recipe

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Christmas in a CupChristmas is greatest time of the year: colorful lights, Christmas trees, and friends. There’s lots of drinks that remind me of Christmas, but recently, I tried Christmas in a Cup. This drink embodies the holidays as much as any other out there. It’s hard to put my finger on the exact combination of flavors that evoke thoughts of Christmas; there’s a complex spiciness to this cocktail. Christmas in a Cup isn’t like any other holiday drink that comes to mind.

Christmas in a Cup

Christmas in a Cup

  • 1 oz spiced rum
  • 2 oz Dr. Pepper
  • 1 oz Aftershock or Goldschläger

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In a short glass with ice, add the spiced rum and Dr. Pepper, and stir together. Add the cinnamon schnapps last. Serve and enjoy the holiday!

Christmas in a CupChristmas in a Cup resonates with cinnamon and spice without being overpowering. The Dr. Pepper adds complexity to this drink, resulting in no one flavor overwhelming another. I think this drink reminds me most of all the spicy baked goods that only circulate during Christmas.

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