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Jägerbomb photoIn the late 1990s, a revolutionary new drink took American bars by storm. At first, this concoction was dubbed a Red Bull Blaster, but gradually became known as the Jägerbomb. Like other “bomb-shot” drinks, the Jäger Bomb is guzzled as fast as possible after dropping a shot of liquor into a glass of something carbonated, in this case, energy drinks. Let’s examine why this drink in particular has become so popular.

When Red Bull Blasters were originally introduced, many of the bars bought special cups, featuring an area in the middle designed to hold the drop shot of liquor. I guess this made it easier to fill large orders, but nowadays, you just see bars give people a shot glass with Jäger and a separate glass of Red Bull or Rockstar. I kind of like this method better; the two tastes stay distinct as you consume your drink. I only mix the two ingredients together if I’m drinking casually at home. When I go out with other people is when I tend to pound the Jägerbombs like I’m on a mission. Very important: Under no circumstances is it a good idea to do tequila shots after you’ve already been doing Jägerbombs–bad things happen! This has been verified!


Jägerbomb shot

  • 1 shot Jägermeister
  • 8 oz Red Bull or other energy drink

Pour your frosty Red Bull into a large glass, drop your shot of Jäger into it and chug it down faster than your friends chug theirs! Repeat until you are staggering drunk.

Red Bull is the original mixer for this recipe, and some drinkers will be a bit particular about it. While I admit nothing tastes exactly like Red Bull, always using it as your mixer becomes an expensive proposition. I have found Lo-Carb Monster to be a fine substitute, but many bars will give you Rockstar in the black can, which I guess is fine too, if you’ve already been drinking, otherwise it’s just too sweet. Low-Carb Rockstar in the white can has doesn’t work too well due to the aspartame aftertaste, but I imagine Venom in the purple can would work out well as a substitute.

Jägerbomb photoWhat’s beautiful about the Jägerbomb is it’s simplicity and economy of motion. If you can walk to the Fridge in less than a minute and crack open a can and a bottle, you too can enjoy the combination of Red Bull and Jäger. Jäger Bombs have been at the center of many legendary Fridays nights with my friends. The mild sweetness of Red Bull mellows out the vaguely medicinal taste of Jägermeister. One component gets you drunk, and the other ingredient keeps you going all night, you little hell-raisers. Mix in some mischievious friends, and you’ve got yourself an evening!

IV Drip bag filled with JägerI’ve drank more Jägerbombs than I can even remember with my crew–and that’s just in the past five years! That drink alone has accounted for more debauchery and more weird shenanigans than any other drink in my circle, although Jameson is a close second, and Patrón has its own freaking category altogether. Personally, I like being able to blame goofy behavior on the alcohol! Of course, the media is always bringing up scientific studies trying to tell us that this drink and that drink is going to leave us killed by death, but we’re not the type to listen to any of that. Now go ahead and hand me my purple drank.

Jägerbomb ingredientsPart of the (over-hyped) controversy surrounding energy drink cocktails involves the effects of simultaneously consuming a stimulant and a depressant. Allegedly, the caffeine masks the intoxicating effects of the alcohol, and believe me, nothing makes you more lethargic than straight shots of Jager. Paradoxically, the mixture of energy drink and Jäger seems to hype me up for a night of partying, as opposed to making me fade out. Having a good experience comes down to the people I’m around while I’m downing Jägerbombs. When I’m drinking Jägerbombs with people I like to party with and actually love being around, I have a better overall experience. Jägerbombs tend to make our festivities a little more wild, and driving home afterwards present quite a ponderous dilemma. Designate a driver, sleep where you lie, or just call a cab folks. Now, on to the recipe…

Fun Jägermeister Facts

Jägerbomb graffitiJägermeister is created from 56 herbs, roots, and other plants. A lot of people say it tastes a little like cough syrup, but that’s why we mix it with other stuff, right? I first heard of Jägermeister back when I was a teenager and I heard Metallica refer to it as “liquid valium” in an interview with Rip magazine. I tried it fairly soon after that, but didn’t really like it that much at the time, mostly because it made me sleepy. Fast forward a couple of decades and add some Monster, and voilá, a brand new perspective.

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