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FNDC Philosophy: Beer and Women, Debauchery and Drinking
Drinking is a journey, not a destination. What do we mean by that? What is our philosophy of drinking? Simply stated, that while ample beverages and the perfect venue contribute heavily to having a good time, the formula is notably incomplete without good friends with which to partake in the night’s activities with.

Friends are the glue that makes life bearable, and if you’re lucky like we are, amazing. Whether you plan on just hoisting up a few cold ones or whether you plan on a night of unbridled debauchery, the people you choose to accompany you will make all the difference between it being a way to just kill time or a memory for the ages.

I believe in the magic of a gathering place whether it is a bar, club, or just someone’s home. Like a ritual that occurs when two or more people gather in the name of Bacchus, the party always has at least one pleasant surprise for the participants.

The beauty of it is that you always have your old and established friends, the ones you’ve already built up good memories and shared experiences with. But New friends are always just around the corner, whether they are there for a night or a lifetime. Life is like a wave; we try to ride it for all it’s worth.

~ Dedicated to my Original FNDC Posse:

Michelle, Lissa, Alisha, Maegan, Brandon, Karen, YaYa, Rob, Liz, Beth, Alice, Rob, Jamie, and anyone I’m forgetting.

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Jöhnny is one of the members of the modern day FNDC . In addition to coding and providing content for the site, he also enjoys playing the guitar and watching trippy movies. His favorite mixed drinks are whiskey sours and Jägerbombs. His favorite beers are Blackhawk Stout, Old Rasputin, and Sierra Nevada.

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  1. lissa says:

    This is great!

  2. JohnFNDC says:

    Thanks Lissa. Your input (and everyone else’s) is more than just appreciated; it is necessary! Feel free to add to this site- I’m just one spoke in the wheel.

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