Kraken Bomb

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Kraken BombRelease the Kraken! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Obviously, we’re spotlighting the Kraken Bomb. As far as bomb shots go, this one is pretty good. Dark and mysterious, just like the behemoth beneath the waves, the Kraken Bomb is a drink worth going out of your way for.

Kraken Bomb

Kraken Bomb

  • 2 oz Kraken black rum
  • 6–8 oz Red Bull

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Pour the black rum into a shot glass and bomb it, depth charge style into a pint glass of Red Bull or other energy drink. Chug quickly!

Kraken Bomb Variation

Kraken and Kola: 3 parts cola, 1 part The Kraken black rum, Lime wedge optional.

The Kraken Bomb is a popular bomb shot made with Kraken rum and Red Bull. It has a dark flavor, much like the sea monster the rum is named for. The drink is less herbal than the drink it most resembles, the Jagerbomb, but instead reflects the distinct spices and molasses of the Kraken rum.

A Brief History of Kraken Rum

Kraken BombIt’s hard to believe that The Kraken Black rum has only been here since 2009. Imported from Trinidad and Tobago by parent company Proximo, the Kraken brand had a saturated liquor market to conquer. Proximo hired branding agency Dead As We Know It, who specialize in liquor branding and advertising, to forge the rum’s identity, and what they accomplished was amazing. Charmaine Choi and her staff decided the look and feel of the Kraken rum should be focused on vintage imagery, typography, and legends of the mythic sea demon. Even the design of the bottle itself is from an era long since past. They sent out press kits to selected bloggers, that contained personalized letters, Kraken ink and teeth, a scientific journal, and of course the rum itself. Some shops in Europe sold Kraken clothing and merchandise. The trick was making sure that none of the swag seemed mass produced. The nostalgic feel of the Kraken brand helps to really set the mood for the wonderfully rich and complex rum you enjoy whenever you crack open a bottle.

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  1. Mariah Eckert says:

    Kraken bomb is such a harsh name for the glorious taste and fierce effects of redbull and the finely crafted rum together. The combination is just as awesome to sip on… Could we please invent a more honorable name for this particular favorite?

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